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Photographers in Johannesburg for weddings

Wedding Photographers in Gauteng & Cape Town

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Understanding your needs and unique love story helps us capture your special wedding day, the way you’ve always dreamed it.

Wedding Photographers in Gauteng

Every girl dreams of the perfect fairytale wedding. When the day finally arrives the reality of budget limitations sets in. 

Why we do it

We’re firm believers that money should NEVER get in the way of our imaginations. That we can create everything we see, & that dreams do come true. That’s why we’re committed to offering high-end wedding photography & quality service that you can afford.

Wedding Photographers in Gauteng


Wedding photographers in Gauteng & Cape Town

Budget Bride HQ is situated in Gauteng, but we have some of the best wedding photographers available nation wide. Whether you’re planning an elopement on the beach in Durban, an intimate gathering in the vineyards of Cape Town or a large wedding in the cityscapes of Gauteng, we have the perfect wedding package for you. Our wedding season fills up pretty fast so get in touch if you’re set on a date.

Wedding Photographers in Gauteng


Your consultation  is where all the excitement begins. That’s why we believe it should be part of your wedding photography experience. Every wedding photography package comes with an online consultation to help you plan your day, your wedding timeline and answer all your questions. Truth is we can’t wait to meet you! Oh  & we just love dishing out the awesome tips we’ve gathered over the years, so let’s get to know each other.


Wedding Photographers in Gauteng

photo shoot

Your engagement is where all the excitement begins. That’s why we believe it should be captured as part of your wedding photography experience. Every wedding photography package comes with an engagement photoshoot. Truth is we can’t wait to meet you! Oh & trust us getting comfortable in front of the camera is not only so much fun, but makes for awesome photos, so let’s get to know each other. 


Thank you for making me feel so comfortable... & for all the fun comments while taking photos

Casey Bertram
Wedding Photographers in Gauteng

We love Fun- loving, down to earth couples, who are deeply in love & down for a good time… sound like you? Then we’re a perfect match.

Professional wedding photographers...

Budget Bride Photography is a team of professional wedding photographers in Gauteng & Cape Town. These are talented photographers passionate about the art, & looking to make a name for themselves. It’s also a blog created to inspire the bride who dares to dream beyond her budget. Packed with tips, ideas & plenty of freebies along the way.

Wedding Photographers in Gauteng

June Wedding Photography Packages

Take advantage of our June wedding photography packages created for weddings & elopements. View our selection of packages if you’re keen to book our wedding photographers in Johannesburg.



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Frequently asked questions

Raw & authentic is our favourite style of photography. That sometimes means getting mud on our toes or balancing on a rock in the long grass (whilst praying there are no snakes around) to get the perfect shot. Although you’ll hear us mention how much we love light, we cherish the beauty in humanity even more. We look for those moments when nothing else matters but the present & you can’t help the uncontrolled emotions that come flooding in. Some people call it a photojournalist, lifestyle or even documentary approach … we like to call it life, & when “life” happens it’s our special privilege to be the one snapping away so that you can remember what the moment felt like years from now.

If you’re planning a wedding during the South African summer season then at least a year in advance. We put our all into every wedding we shoot, so that means taking on a limited amount of weddings per year. If you have got a date in mind already let’s start chatting. We have loads of tips to help you with your planning process & would be happy to be your sounding board – we’re really good listeners 🙂

Yeah… travel is our middle name
For Engagement photoshoots generally about 2-3 weeks, & for wedding photography about 8 weeks.
The short answer is no. The long answer is that they are only the ingredients used to make the final product (or photographs in this case). It would be like asking a baker to give you her eggs so that you can bake the cake for her – No one does that right? On that note it also makes us want to bury our heads in the sock drawer when someone “re-edits” or slaps a filter on our hard work. #photographerrants
Let’s chat online over Zoom … or better yet, meet up for a engagement session 🙂

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Wedding Photographer in Johannesburg

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