Covid 19 weddings as SA enters Level 3: How to get married during lockdown

With Corona virus chaos looming for the past 2 months us South Africans are more than welcoming the arrival of level 3 lockdown commencing 1 June 2020. Finally, we can start looking forward to an easing up of certain regulations and yes that means getting closer to some semblance of normalcy. It also means the beginning of the wedding season for the last half of the year.

Alas COVID 19 has not left the country … yet… so there are still a few things to keep in mind if you don’t want to spend your honeymoon in “tjoekie” (aka jail).

So what exactly does this mean for wedding photographers and

couples wanting to get married during level 3?

Well, firstly (and probably most importantly) marriage certificates will officially be issued from the beginning of June in South Africa – can I get a HOORAY from all the engaged couples in the country…

Let the celebrations begin

The curfew has been lifted so there’s no need to clock watch and race home like your ride’s about to turn into a pumpkin. As far as the reception goes this will most probably need to be off-site, as food cannot be prepared and served onsite. As an alternative think intimate backyard wedding.

Edit: As of July 2020 the curfew has been reintroduced, so best be home by 21h00.

Seeing as alcohol is (legally) back on the shelves it’s a great reason to pop open some bubbly and let the celebrations begin – just make sure you’re fully stocked because a quick dash to the liquor store won’t be possible over the weekend (this includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday), and any time after 17h00 during the week.

Edit: The ban on alcohol is once again in place as of July 2020.

The bad news is If you were planning on a massive wedding celebration you might have to put your plans on hold for a while longer. A small or intimate wedding however is now on the cards. According to Minister, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma “Under level 3, religious gatherings such as church services will be permitted, for a maximum of 50 people, as long as health, hygiene and social distancing is observed.” she went on to say “Places of worship must be sanitised, and the screening of participants is mandatory,”

Hair and Makeup

Social distancing is still a biggy and necessary to slow the spread of the dreaded COVID 19 Virus. This means a continuation of the 1.5 meter distance rule still stands. That being said, it might be to time to brush up on your beauty skills with a few youtube and pinterest tutorials.

How to save on your wedding budget during lockdown

It’s not all bad news though…the good news is there are plenty of opportunities to save some mola (which you can put towards your honeymoon fund).

Here are 3 ways to do it:

If you do opt for a smaller wedding procession, you no longer need as many hours photographed and the price of your wedding photographer can be reduced. While most professional wedding photographers might not venture out for your nuptials for only one hour of wedding photography, there could be room to negotiate a minimum of 3 hours with them.

Considering most venues charge over R1000 per head, you might be excited to know you have less than half the mouths to feed – without offending uncle Bob from your second cousin’s distant aunty’s side of the family.

And finally, no open bars are permitted – giving you an excuse to politely advise your guests to get drunk on their own dime, and in their own time because public drinking will still be regulated.

Questions to ask your wedding photographer and venue as you plan your wedding day in the future

As the lockdown restrictions ease up we’ll see more freedom in making wedding plans. At this point not much is certain as to how this will roll out, and when these changes will be made. What we can be certain about is that some practices will remain crucial. So it will be important to keep certain questions in mind when seeking out wedding vendors.

What to ask your Wedding venue or chapel:

  •  What Hygiene measures they’ve in place?
  • If they have a COVID 19 compliance plan and officer?
  • Their postponement policies, should you need to suddenly reschedule your wedding due to COVID 19 restrictions?
  • The amount of staff they will have onsite?
  • The measures they have in place to ensure social distancing among guests?

What to ask your Wedding Photographer:

  • How many people will be accompanying them i.e.: assistants, second or third shooters etc.
  • Postponement Policies should you need to reschedule your wedding date?
  • If they have a valid travel permit (should they be required to travel inter-provincially for your wedding)?

Click here for the detailed outline from government during level 3 of lockdown in South Africa.

My heart celebrates with all the couples who can finally get excited about getting married and plan their wedding.

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